Friday, December 28, 2012

Ornaments 2012

Another year, another Christmas. And another year of GREAT ornaments by dad. Ornament 1: Anita (Sister-in-law), graduated from college with a degree in elementary education. This is her diploma at a MUCH smaller scale.

Ornament 2: With a diploma comes work. This is a the white board from Anita’s Kindergarten class with all the kids names that appeared on the board the first day of class.

Ornament 3: Kindergarten was kind of a theme. Sydney started Kindergarten this year so he made her a really cool crayon. If you look really close you can even see the logo Sydney plans to use on her art so that people know it’s hers.

Ornament 4: Riker and Sydney go with dad (95%) and who ever else (normally Grandpa) to Lowes to do little projects (if you are on Facebook you have seen pictures of many of these projects. When they are there they get a patch for each project that mom sews onto there work aprons. Grandpa made a small version of the apron.

Ornament 5: This was a BIG year for the parents. They have been married for 40 years. CONGRATS mom and dad. And to symbolize that dad made a Rose.

Ornament 6: This year dad is the president of the Lions Club. As president he has to call each meeting to order with a gavel, but normally one of the members has stolen the gavel by the time the meeting starts. So to make sure he now always has one (at least at home), he made one.

Ornament 7: Ben (Danny’s brother) is an actuary and with that comes many many and did I mention MANY tests. As of this year and the passing of some more of those tests Ben now has letters after his name. Dad created him a name plate. (Name can be removed to add a new one with more letters).

Ornament 8: Riker is our little boy. And I say boy because he is about 150% boy. He likes bugs, snakes, lizards, dragons... But his number one love is dinosaurs. Grandpa made him a T-Rex Head.

As you can see. Another year of amazing ornaments. Unbelievable what our family has done, and what dad can do to show it off.


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